We are a Tulane Student Organization founded in April 2014 under the guidance of Dr. Douglas Chrisey, Tulane Alumnus Brad Moore, and professional engineer David Zadigan. Tulane Engineers without Borders strives to connect undergraduates with an engineering program in a developing nation so they can apply engineering skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom to a real world setting. These solutions also provide communities in need with resources to further international development.

Many of our members have previous volunteering experience in the USA and beyond and are looking to expand on their past work in order to create new and sustainable solutions beyond the classroom setting.

Our current proposed project is in Laquigo, Ecuador. This community is experiencing a spike in population growth leading to clean water shortages.  Laquigo relies on a larger neighboring community for its water, which shuts off flow to Laquigo every weekend, when the community needs it the most. This means community members resort to collecting water from ditches and anywhere else they can find it.  TEWB is focused on constructing a reliable, independent water system so Laquigo residents have control over the water they deserve. This solution would provide the community with clean, reliable water which could be used for bathing and drinking. This will create a healthier community and one which does not depend totally on the rainfall for its livelihood.  The citizens of Laquigo will determine the best solution for them as well as contribute a portion of the total project costs towards a water solution that will hopefully accommodate their citizens for years to come.

While this international project is ongoing, TEWB takes on many other local volunteering projects, oftentimes collaborating with the New Orleans EWB chapter to build a working relationship with professional engineers while solving problems in the local community.