Tulane Engineering Forum


Thank you to all that talked and supported us earlier today at the 2016 Tulane Engineering Forum! It was great to meet all sorts of Tulane grads and learn about all the opportunities brings. As a college Sophomore, I don’t often appreciate all the different projects created and maintained around me. It seems New Orleans is a real hub for Civil and energy related engineering. The creative solutions put forth to solve problems related to coastal erosion and the energy grid makes students like myself believe we can do anything given the right resources.

If you would like to purchase a shirt, please fill out the “contact us” form with your size and address. The cost is $15 each + $5 for shipping. The design is below and we have them in white or black (S-2XL). The shirt says “Tulane Engineers for International Development” on the back

Tee shirt logo

Thank you again for those who took time to learn about Ranchito de la Peralta and the opportunities for engineering abroad and a special thanks to our Alumni mentor, Brad Moore and our faculty adviser, Dr. Chrisey for all they do for the organization.




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